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Today, I scouted my 100 artist for the Art Portal, and I decided to write a post about the matter, talking about how scouting has been lately and how it has changed during the years I've been here. I hope this can be helpful for people and also, work like a way for other artists to start scouting and checking the unscouting list of newgrounds more often.

I was scouted on early 2013 by Exedor, back then I got the Portal Invite from 3 different artists and to be honest, I didn't had a clue of what this was. I never knew there existed the scouting process until much later, when I noticed Exedor's name appeared on the bottom of my art submitions page. That was when I started to investigate about it and I understood what it meant, and eventually, I also started to scout people myself.

I don't know what it is, but now, on 2015, the number of artists that actively scout others is much lower... which makes me pretty sad. Seing people that have been submiting their art for months, or even years, with a decent quality and good content, but that are not scouted yet, is what made me write this. In the end, when you scout an artist, you are allowing their art to appear on the Art Portal, and have the chance to get more feedback about their creations, eventually allowing them to improve too. Is just a win/win situation and it doesn't take much time to do it. There are a lot of great artists waiting for this chance, is not full of spam as some people think. One of my latest scouted artists even made it to the Feauted Art Front Page a few days ago!

I decided to share my knowledge with people that might be interested in scouting artists, but that aren't sure which art to support, how to do so, or how this all works. I hope this can help someone.

1) Always make sure that the user is submiting their own art. One way to check this is putting some of their pieces on Google Image Search to check if there are any matches. Also, be sure to see if they have links of their other art pages up on their profile and don't judge the signature of their art by their username. Sometimes people sign with their username of deviantart or just their real name.

2) Give different Art Styles a chance. Just because you draw realism doesn't mean that cartoon draws are bad, neither if you draw digitally doesn't make traditional paiting bad. There are no rules on which art is worthy to appear on the Art Portal, and as long as you see that the user gives a lot of work on their creations and this ones are interesting, then that's all what matters. Not all people will get 5 stars but getting 2 stars doesn't make it bad.

3) Check that they submit their art with the right Age Rating. You know, Mature content must be published like it, and when it's nudity it must also be correctly announced on the rating of the piece. You need to be sure that the person you'll be scouting does this correctly since if you scout people that do things against the rules they will be pruned and you might be too, or get castrated.

4) If you are unsure when scouting someone, give them time! People improve and if they keep being active on Newgrounds they will keep publishing their art. Maybe in the future you'll be more confortable with scouting them. I highly suggest this with new accounts. If someone just posted 4 art pieces and registered on the same day, it's a better option to wait a little bit before scouting.

5) Finally, don't be scared to scout. Some scouting guidelines make it all sound quite scary because of the punishments there are for scouting the wrong people and so. But if you follow my previous advices, you won't have anything to fear.



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