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6/28/13 by Rrachel-chan

I feel the cold of the night touching my legs, stroking my skin
Whisppering maybe, letting herself be known in my whole...

I wonder if this is just my body reacting to my sickness
Or if it's my soul showing, at last, it's true holes...

I have tried to be strong, to be mature, to be good
My eyes are dry, no tear breaking them appart...

But I feel cold
Never being so cold
Never felt this... alone.


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Nice poem.

Is everything alright?It is very quiet here.

Oh yes,and happy Madeira Day!I think you may know what it is for.

Wow,you really have a poetic talent there,miss,good work!I hope that you are not going through what you wrote there,anyway,I remembered that you said you had a cat,so I thought something like this would cheer you up:



I know the internet is a poor company keeper, but I'm sure the time will come, when you'll risk your heart on someone, and the warmth will let you sleep deeply.

6/30/13 Rrachel-chan responds:

Thank you for the conforting words (: it makes me happy to read them



We are your friends, you'll... never be alone, again, come on!

6/28/13 Rrachel-chan responds:

Hahaha, thank you for the kindness and the song :D *hugs*